Solar System Kit CD; anyone else get #%@$ed?

Solar System Kit CD; anyone else get #%@$ed?

Post by Joe Per » Wed, 04 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I bought the SOLAR SYSTEM KIT CD-ROM for LightWave from select
solutions after reading an article on 3D CDs in 3D Design magazine.
The disk is supposed to work on "Amiga & PC Platforms" according to
the cover of the disk, but it doesn't.

The CD says it is in ISO-9660 format, but in Windows 95, I can not
read any further than the root directory when using Windows
Explorer.LightWave also cannot read the CD any further than the root

Apparently the company that made the CD (Computer Data Imaging) was
one of the fly-by-night variety. The phone number listed in the jewel
case manual has been disconnected. Furthermore, the manual itself
looks like it was photocopied from earlier ones, and the page that is
supposed to double as the regisrtation card is blank. Looks like the
company was in a hurry to knock off as many copies as possible and
then skip out. If I didn't get it from select solutions, I would
almost think it was a pirated copy.

The disk reads flawlessly on an Amiga, but I want to use it on the PC.
Anyone have any idea how I could do this, short of using an Amiga to
copy all the files onto an IBM formatted Bernoulli or Zip disk.

Joe Perez