CAD assemblies to LW scenes

CAD assemblies to LW scenes

Post by Timo Silvone » Thu, 12 Oct 2000 04:00:00


Does anyone know if there are translators that can make a CAD assembly
to an LW scene that has all positions and relations translated to Nulls
and parented stuff?

I have heard that there are some. Where should I look for?

PolyTrans and Interchange only change geometry but we need the whole
assembly with lots of objects (the record is over 1300 objects in a
scene, pretty hard to translate one-by-one)

CAD people usually don't know about polygons or animators. This is why I
am asking You guys, the gurus...

Timo Silvonen
Industrial designer TKO
5D muotoilutoimisto Oy


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Hello folks

I'm trying to render a screne from the Lightwave disk (Scoutwalk.lws) and it
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I am able to render a sinlge frame without problems.

I use a PIII with Gforce Graphics card and 256MB ram and Lightwave 6.5b under
Win98. There is no other application running in the background (learned that
the hard way with Animation:Master:)

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