moving light with boned object

moving light with boned object

Post by Ian Beezle » Fri, 13 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I have an animation of a lamp being distorted with bones,(an extension
of the user guide tutorial p435 )is there any way of "attaching" a light
to the lamp to follow the bulb?
  I've tried parenting to the object and parenting to the null (which I
used to move the lamp)

Lightwave ver 5.0 Intel
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This maybe a repeat issue, have there been any fixes in the plan for 3-4
highlighted buttons...object, bones or light and also move, rotate
sometimes are all lite-up and my fix is to click on them a couple of
times to get back to where is was.
This was a problem with all the 5.0x's and now still with 5.5c.

Does anyone else have this annoying button highlight occurrence?

I'm using NT 4.0(sp1) with a Oxygen 102(driver(s) 2.84-2.94 all
illustrate the same problems, but I am set now on 2.93)

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