Scene Soldier - LW Scene Management Utility - Info and Screen shots

Scene Soldier - LW Scene Management Utility - Info and Screen shots

Post by Kevin Trac » Fri, 12 Dec 1997 04:00:00


I have just posted some information on a LW3D Scene Management Utility I
have been working on at :

Scene Soldier is a low-cost LW3D Scene Management Utility for Win 32
Systems. It allows you to view all of the objects, plugins, Image maps,
Projection maps, Front Image maps, Background Image maps, Motion files,
Particle Storm files, Object Texture maps, etc... then you can
Copy/Move/Delete/Archive the scene to a directory of your choice, with or
without the scenes directory tree intact.

A download-able demo will be available near the end of next week.

Scene Soldier will be released by the end of this year with more features
and options been added to it through-out 1998.

If you have any Comments, Question, or Suggestions please send them to


Kevin Trace
Kilo Volt Amp Design
Courtenay, B.C. Canada


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Hi, to whoever couldnt find scene soldier on do a plugin search
for external free intel applications. It shows up in the list.
And as far as the inbuilt LW "packagers", yikes, if I knew they were there,
it would make life easier wouldn't it.
Please remove "NOSPAM" from address for any replies.

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