Just saw a RealPlayer presentation of Xeon....

Just saw a RealPlayer presentation of Xeon....

Post by Wayne S. William » Tue, 30 Jun 1998 04:00:00


June 29, 1998

Just saw a RealPlayer playback of today's press conference of the
Pentium II Xeon.  It's being put forth as a new work station solution.
The first 10 minutes of the presentation was the usual hype and
corporate speak by John Miner.

Eventually they brought in a guy from SGI to run a demo showing how
well MAYA will run on this new chip. First, they showed a short taped
animation with roaches, and then went into the demo showing how to
create some of the bug movement on Maya.  After building motion, they
also added in dynamics, and particle effects, which all calculated in
real time...  And of course about 3 minutes into the demo, Maya
crashed...so it's not just Lightwave that has a bug now and again.

Unfortunetly, the 56k mode refused to buffer the data on my 56k modem,
so I was forced to use the 28k mode.  The RealPlayer playback was at
1 frame every 7 seconds, so obviously you couldn't tell if the playback
was actually real time or not.  But, there is a lot of good information
for those interested in the technical side.

Here are some of the particulars on the MAYA demo machine -
400 mhz - 500 meg. main memory  - 4000 firegl - 1 meg. second level

There was another demo using a high end CAD program, and then a truely
boring one using a business application.

If your interested in seeing this for yourself get RealPlayer 5.0 and
go here:

Hope this was useful to somebody.  8^)

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