lightwave pro sold out??

lightwave pro sold out??

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So what do all of us poor unfortunates who live overseas do now that the PRO
book is sold out!! Taking into account of course that most of us outside the USA
didn"t get to hear about it until a few weeks back> Perhaps a special print run
offered to users outside of the US might be in order! Please!
Regards to cgi artists everywhere , Jeff smart, Australia


1. Audio drop outs Media Studio Pro 6.5

Hi.  I'm fairly new to all of this and still have a lot to learn.  I've
captured & edited my daughters musical for her school.  Every thing works
well when I create the video file.  I'm running Windows XP, with an XP1600
processor, 512 mg ram, 128 GeForce Ti 4400, and three 80 Gig hard drives.
The final video file is 8.8 gig.  When I go to export it to tape, I get
periodic drop outs of the sound.  It varies from place to place each time I
try to export it.  It sounds like an old vinyl record skipping.  I'm using
the pre-set configuration for DV NTSC.  Any suggestions as to how to prevent
this from happening?  I've already tried defragmenting the hard drive that
I'm saving the file to, and it did not prevent the audio drop outs.

Any advise is greatly appreciated.

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