Polygon reduction in LightWave 5.5?

Polygon reduction in LightWave 5.5?

Post by Alan Gilchris » Tue, 23 Dec 1997 04:00:00

in LightWave 5.5?...

>> Is that also available for Amiga, does anybody know perhaps ?
>I'm afraid not. I have tried to port some of my plugins to the Amiga,
>and have had mixed success. I can almost guarantee Decimate could never
>be ported, since it requires the VTK library for compilation, and I

  Pixel 3D for the Amiga has a polygon reduction feature, if you can find it,
that is, I bougth a used copy from National Amiga.

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Polygon reduction in LightWave 5.5?

Post by Don Showalt » Thu, 25 Dec 1997 04:00:00

On Wed, 17 Dec 1997 22:27:18 -0800, Paul Oberlander

>> >Ok, I've been looking at Other Options instead of coughing up
>> >major dollars for 3DS MAX.  Lightwave has a good renderer,
>> >comes with all the functionality I could want, but...I can't find
>> >anything that indicates whether or not I have poly-reduction
>> >tools!  I need to crank out low-poly models for a DirectX
>> >game, and 3DS MAX does this (but is _SERIOUS_
>> >overkill for the task).  Can anyone point me in the direction
>> >of information on the Lightwave modellers ability to merge
>> >faces, make faces coplanar, weld vertices, etc?  Short of
>> >buying a copy first to find out if it'll do it, that is...and no,
>> >I'd rather not warez a copy to see if it'll do it.  I'm hopeful
>> >someone here can pass on the info...

>> >..ed..

>> Yes, LightWave does have several tools for reducing Polygons. You can merge
>> and weld points, as well as Polygons simply by selecting them and hitting
>> the correct buttons. While LightWave does have an automatic "Reduce
>> Polygons" plugin, like anything "automatic" it often gives undesirable
>> results. So most, if not all, of your polygon reduction in LW will be done
>> manually. On the plus side, this gives you total control over where the
>> reduction takes place. As an example, I recently shaved over 3300 Polygons
>> from a model, with *absolutely* no chance in appearance.

>Don't forget the Decimate plugin on the Pontari website.  It's free (I
>think Marvin Landis wrote the original and Pontari ported it to Intel).
>It does a realy good job reducing 3 point polys(doesn't work on quads).


And qemLOSS, which I like even better than Decimate.  I've gotten
great results with this plugin and the nice thing is you can set a
target (which, of course, might not be realized) for the number of
polys you want to reduce to.  Very nice.

Don Showalter