Screamers and HV3

Screamers and HV3

Post by Dean A. Scot » Wed, 11 Apr 2001 09:08:14

Hey, if you think Sealthnet is bad, try babysitting a render farm of 20
dual cpu boxes running plain ol' screamers rendering Hypervoxel Sprite

It ain't a pretty site... nodes dr. watson'ing randomly after rendering
any where from 5 to 15 frames.  Add to this the fact that a random
frame or three pop up where the embedded alpha of the clipmap sequence
is "misplaced" by a frame and you get a visual hiccup in the clipping
of the sprites.

At 6.5 mins/frame on a PII400, this is gonna take days beyond the
deadline to render 1200 frames inside of LW instead of Screamernet.
Rendered inside LW, no problems whatsoever... no crashing and no
malformed HV alphas.

      Dean A. Scott,  Assistant Professor
         School of Visual Art & Design


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