Day in L.A.

Day in L.A.

Post by Jin Choun » Mon, 13 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Howdy group,

I live in Glendale, California (15 min by car, an hour and a half by bus
[trust me on this one]) so I was fortunate enough to attend NewTek's Day in

There were many companies there at the job fair and I got to peddle my demo
around.  I was surprised at how open and nice these people were.  I was
hesitant to talk to any of them but once I actually got up the gumption to,
I found them to be very amiable, intelligent and helpful people.  John-Mark
Austin from Rhythm and Hues actually sat me down on the spot and watched my
reel right there(monitor facing away from the crowd thank God...)!  He was
very kind and generous and offered valuable advice and tactful critiques.
Again, I was very surprised at how nice people were.

Very cool.

They had many Dell workstations (one of the sponsors... more on that in a
bit) running LW 6.0 that were open to the crowd so I squished my way onto a
seat.  I was very concerned about not looking like a doofus in front of
people who worked at Station X and Foundation so I was there only for a

First thing I noticed was that [6] was being run on three button mice and I
had no idea what the heck the buttons did and was too afraid to ask.  It
seemed very alien having a cube appear while I was drawing out the
boundaries.  Very mysterious and spooky.  I left soon after.

Cool demos of plug ins were out and about.

I got free copies of Keyframe and Newtekniques mags.

A Dell T-Shirt.  Couldn't get an L[6] shirt though :(

I had a beer, a tacquito, a small meat pie and a slice of pizza.  All the
food and drinks were free too!

Lightwave theatre was great and showed LW works from around the world.

I got to sit in on Taron as he was giving out tips on how to model a head.
He did two of them in thirty minutes!  Each time interrupted by a crash :()

I didn't know what an entertaining personality he was.  Spoke eloquently
with a slight German accent, witty and self effacing - talented as heck.

Tips that I gleaned...
1)eyes in the middle of head
2)smooth shift and bevel to add detail
3)Taron always starts heads with a box (he said so) and he never models one
the same way twice (I generally save templates of things like heads, bodies
and hands but he says it's more fun to be spontaneous and I highly agree...
I think I will adopt)
4)edge loops are important... how polys form rows and colums on the
structure you build... he spent much times merging polys and "recutting"
them in another direction.  I did this by killing polys and redrawing them
by hand but there seems to be a tool now to re-cut polys (u and v directions
if you will) automatically.
5)mistakes are a great way to learn

And his joy and sense of fun in doing all things 3-d really came across and
was infectious.

In the middle of LW theatre, the even screeched to a halt while Dell gave a
sales pitch.  It was not dressed up as something else.  It could not have
been masquerading.  It was an OUT AND OUT sales pitch.

Ridiculous but the crowd grinned and beared and the guy gave his awkward
pitch.  It was refreshing though that afterwards, the awkwardness and tedium
of the pitch was haranged and ridiculed in good fun by the host.  The
honesty was refreshing and Dell's good humour was as well.  They were good
sports about the whole thing and after all, they helped pay for the affair.

There was a great band that played before and after LW theatre as well.

Amazed at the production value of the whole thing.

And there were actually attractive females in attendance and that just blew
me away.

There were of course the obligatory geeks (me in that group and proud of
it!) but LW users seem to be on the whole a pretty well adjusted and varied

They had a LW giveaway too and I...

didn't win.


But I had beer and taquitos and *d the L[6] box.

That in my mind is a complete evening.



Day in L.A.

Post by Paul Salvado » Mon, 13 Dec 1999 04:00:00

LOL!  Thanks for the overall story!  8)

> But I had beer and taquitos and *d the L[6] box.
> That in my mind is a complete evening.


Day in L.A.

Post by Jin Choun » Tue, 14 Dec 1999 04:00:00

oh, oh,

forgot one Taron advice.

NEVER use triangles in your modelsthat will be metanurbed.  Results in bad
surfaces.  And Taron modeled two remarkable heads while never utilizing a
single triangle.  Great tip and I will definitely endeavor to eliminate the
three pointed villains in future models.