Hypervoxels, Steamer, Skytracer settings

Hypervoxels, Steamer, Skytracer settings

Post by CH » Sun, 07 Jan 2001 00:27:40

Just a quick one, anyone know of a good site with collections of
settings for these plugins that you can download, play around with,
learn from etc..



1. LW 5.6 skytracer/steamer cpu load


we're still using the good 'ol 5.6 here.
it's running on a dual proc machine.
weird thing is, that when rendering scenes with skytracer or
steamer, it only uses 50% of both cpu's. even stranger:
distributed on both processors, so it'd be hard to say that
skytracer/steamer are single processor processes.

for reference: when i render a scene without
skytracer/steamer, the total cpu load goes up to 99%.

can anyone confirm this?
what can i do to force skytracer/steamer scenes to use 100%
of both procs?



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