CoolColJ's Post render Image Processor scene for LW 6

CoolColJ's Post render Image Processor scene for LW 6

Post by CoolCol » Sat, 07 Oct 2000 10:29:31

please see the binaries news group for it.

Very useful ^_^



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1. Has anyone done scene render comparisons with processors

Hallo and thanks for dropping by. I want to build a small render farm and am
wondering if anyone has any advise. I am running LW5.6 on NT

1) Is it better to run two single machines each with a single processor, or
run a single machine with twin processors?

2) I have done test with a Celeron 300 (note not a) overclocked to 450, and
in a Truespace3 rendered scene it was slower than my P233 mmx (note not
PII)! I did this when I happened to have a chance to borrow a Celeron, put
me off it for ever, until I started reading everyones tricks here

I need to get away spending as little as possible and am wondering if anyone
has actually rendered various scenes within LW with different processors and
recorded the results.

Ideally I would like to run a few dual Celeron machines. I did find the
Celeron (as I stated above) faster in certain other 3D packages however, but
not in rendering in Truespace3. I don't have access to a Celeron to play
with in rendering scenes in LW now. I hope someone has done some thorough
testing and can help me.

I want to use Celeron 366 processors as they are reasonably priced

Well thank you very much for all your assistance, it is most appreciated,

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