Matte Object Alpha Channel Options Change in 7.5b

Matte Object Alpha Channel Options Change in 7.5b

Post by Benjamin Smi » Thu, 13 Mar 2003 19:08:39

Apologies if this has been observed elsewhere, but has anyone else
noticed that the matte object alpha channel options have changed in
7.5b.  Gone is the singular button marked "Unseen by Alpha Channel"
replaced by a pop-up with 3 options "Use Surface Settings",
"Unnaffected by Object" and "Constant Black".

I will have a play with this later to determine what these two last do
that makes them different, but I'm a little annoyed that this change
is a) undocumented and b) not reflected in the spreadsheet.


Benjamin Smith | SFdp |


1. alpha channels, alpha channels

Its not too often I'm intimidated by semantics, but this is one of those cases.
It sounds like a term Scotty would have used to explain why the teleporter
wasn't working that day, but its too important not to grasp, I've had enough.
Everything I've read describes what they do and I have definite ideas about
how I want to use them, but the only way I'll penetrate the kernel of
understanding is through a step-by-step tutorial.  All the learning material
seems to stop short right at that point.  I'd love to be able to create
seamless texturemaps and transparent masks but so far its been like,
"okay, so I've saved this black and white layer thing."  Could anyone
out there spin me around and point me in a direction?  As applied mainly
to Photoshop and 3DStudio at this point.

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