Custom Built graphics computer...need help here

Custom Built graphics computer...need help here

Post by Jonathan Mille » Wed, 05 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I am interested in getting a new computer just for graphics, and I want to
custom build it. I want a dual PP200, 128edoRAM, 4vram, 8+HDD, and a
1024*768 24bit video. Do any of you know any good companies that are
reliable yet not too pricey. My price range at the moment would have to be
no more than $4,500. I also want NT on it, but that is not a neccessity
yet. Thanks,


Jonathan Miller

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1. Help with custom POV build

I'm trying to add some functionality to my personal version of POV 2.2,
but I keep running into a problem with output.  Specifically, when I run
it the display looks great, but I either get no output file or I get a
targa file with no headers, neither of which is very useful.  Here's the
specifics of what I'm doing:

Compiler: Symantec C++ V6.0
Computer: 486 SLC2/66 and/or Pentium/90 (both fail)
OS:       Windows 95 DOS shell build 490

I can run the official ICB version, and I can run a build of the
unmodified sources.  Here are my changes:

in PARSE.H, I added a token at the end and incremented the last ID
in TOKENIZE.C, I added the token and its textual representation into
                the array in alphabetical order
in PARSE.C, I added a simple function to parse my one-keyword, one-value
                global statement (My statement is of the form "depthmap r" for
                some real-valued r)  I also added the hook to call it when
                my token is recognized.
in LIGHTING.C, I added a global variable to hold the result of the above
                parsing, and I short-circuited Determine_Apparent_Colour to
                return a gray value scaled from the distance to the
                intersection point (0 distance is white, r distance is black)
in FRAME.H, I changed the relevant defines to insert my name

None of these changes should have influenced the output, no?  If I insert
trace messages into the targa routines, it says it executes the code to
write the headers, but when I then look at the file, it starts with FF's
(for an all-white target scene, without the depthmap keyword)

Does anyone have any idea why this isn't working?
Ron Parker

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