7.5c woes

7.5c woes

Post by Buzz » Sun, 29 Jun 2003 03:53:12

Blimey,  7.5c is proving to be a real problem.  Since upgrading I've mostly
worked in modeler.  This is fine but crashes constantly if used with the hub
and Layout.  Now I'm in Layout setting up scenes and work is grinding to a
halt, Layout just crashes all the time.  Anything more complex than a few
objects and it falls over, Content Manager falls over too so scene exports
are manual affairs.  Follower on 6 objects grinds it to its knees and
shutdowns always results in an error.  This poor considering C is a patch of
a patch.  Even motion baking in the graph editor caused it to lock up.  This
is day 1 of a project that had me loading up only a few of the dozens of
objects I'd hoped to work on.  I've never reverted to a previous version
before....can anyone advise on reverting back to 7.5 vanilla?  Thanks

1. glibc-runtime-2.0.5c

For those of us without Redhat 5 I see that glibc 2 has been released on
Slackware 2.5 in the slackware/contrib/ directory - available at your
nearest Slackware mirror.


ps. I havn't tried it yet!

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