Direct 3D Patch....What's up?

Direct 3D Patch....What's up?

Post by Michael Berglun » Thu, 02 Oct 1997 04:00:00

 This may have been addressed here, but I don't think so..
In the docs for Lightwave 5.5, they mention a patch for Direct 3D
coming soon, so you can use 3D accelerator cards that support it.
Anyone heard when this may happen?



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I bought Charlie Calvert's book C++ Builder Unleashed, but the Direct3D
examples won't work. I then tried to copy the procedures that initialize
Direct3D. I then add a light, camera and so on but nothing happens. I
have copied the code literally but the form remains grey. It should at
least become black (or white?) shouldn't it? I hope someone can help me

Joost Vrielink

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