P4 recommendation

P4 recommendation

Post by Oskar Duvebor » Thu, 01 Mar 2001 08:50:18

Quote:> Sorry about the rant...  I'm just getting frustrated holding out for a new
> dual CPU system...

Word! :7



1. need suggession for P4 system

Hi all,

I wish to build a PC for graphic design work mostly I will be using
the system for CorelDRAW!10, Photoshop 6, 3DS Max and ACAD 2000. What
I have in mind is a P4 1.5 GHz. I need sugessions for the following...

From my local suppliers I have a choice of two i850 based main
boards.. one is from INTEL and one is from ASUS. I am from India and
here ASUS is more xpensive then the INTEL board. Which one I should go

How much RDRAM i should go for 128 or 256. Are there any specification
needed for the RAM Speed.

Here I have mainly two choices. TNT2 based borads or GeFOrce based.
There seem to be many options of GeForce. I am confused. Please
suggest what i should go for. Availability is a big problem here. I
can go for ASUS V7100 (GeForce MX200 based)or ASUS V3800 (TNT2 based).
Also there are cards based on these chipsets from other companies as
well (PINE GeForce MX 400 / 64 MB) Please give advice on the kind of
Graphic Chipset I should have and how much Memory (16/32/64) and what
kind of memory SDR/DDR. I have been surfing the net for days but could
not get information on which I can conclude. I must add that, I DO NOT
play and 3D
shootout games and my graphic acceleration requirements are purely for
work (3DS Max, PHOTOSHOP, CorelDRAW, AutoCAD).

I have a choice between Seagate Barracuda & IBM deskstar, both running
at 7200 rpm and 2MB cache and similar seek and latency time. What kind
of disk i should go for. My photoshop files are usually 60 to 100 MB
(big ones). Shall I settle for an ordinary 5400 rpm disk instead. Do i
need SCSI.

Choice is between Samsung SyncMaster 753DF and LG Flatron 775FT (both
17" flat)

I have already procured a MS Intellimouse Explorer optical. Anything
else you feel that I will need, please suggest.

A quick reply will be highly appreciated. Please provide pointers to
FAQs, Specsheets, WebPages if you think it relates to my requirements.

Thanking you in advance

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