another homepage online...

another homepage online...

Post by celti » Sat, 10 May 1997 04:00:00

hidiho people !

another 3d-artist is online : ME !
check my stuff out.. and let me know what you think..

the url :

it's new, it's improved, it's got some neat animations design and images


1. ONLINE: MEDIALAB homepage

Paris, 1st Aug 1995-    MEDIALAB homepage

At last we've got our homepage up!
Here you'll find information on all MEDIALAB's activities, including:

o Real time performance animation
o Film/broadcast sfx
o VR apps
o CLOVIS VR package.

We haven't got any movies yet but we're working on it.
Comments welcome.

E-mail should be sent to:

MEDIALAB will be demonstrating Live Performance Animation using CLOVIS
at SIGGRAPH'95 on the Polhemus booth (#1415).

MEDIALAB is also looking to for people to join our team.
This info is on the homepage, but you can also e-mail the above address
and I'll send you the page.
If you're going to SIGGRAPH, drop by the booth and talk to Annie, Fabienne
or Nico.
David J. Sturman    |  Medialab, 104 av. President Kennedy, 75016 Paris France


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