Childrens Video - Update

Childrens Video - Update

Post by HM » Thu, 25 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Check out my update on the LW binaries group and also check out a quick test movie at

---     Howard Margolius


1. info needed on animating a Christian Childrens video

I have a client who is interested in animating a
Christian childrens story.  He called me
because I do architectural renderings for him using Alias.
He thinks it would be a 30 minute video which would equate to 54,000 frames.
He doesn't want to animate it in 3D and I don't know anything about
cartoon type animators.  Any information about animators or companies
would be appreciated.  I suggested that he contact
the local universities and talk to their art
departments and maybe he could make it a school project.
Thanks in advance,

Chris Zearley

Xtreme Visual Graphix, Inc.

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