Will 3dsPRO kill Lightwave? NEWTEKS KILL

Will 3dsPRO kill Lightwave? NEWTEKS KILL

Post by Mark Dunak » Tue, 02 Jan 1996 04:00:00

CS> S> In both 3DS's and LW's cases, it would be possible to retain the
CS> S> net renderer as a 32-bit DOS app, while leaving the GUI as a Windows
CS> S> app.  This leverages the speed of DOS and the cost of memory on net
CS> S> rendering machines that is devoted to WinNT instead of rendering.

CS>      That would be a wonderful thing. I don't have enough ram in one
CS> of my machines (by a hair) and it sits idle when rendering complex
CS> scenes. ANYTHING to reduce the rather massive NT ram hit would
CS> be a saleable product in my books...

CS> Christopher

CS>      All these people calling each other morons. Well, you're all right.
CS> If
CS> you're stupid enough to crosspost infantile arguments to several
CS> inappropriate
CS> groups, you're certainly a moron, you and your friends. Learn to use your
CS> communications software (and get the hell out of
CS> comp.graphics.animation!).

CS> Best wishes on a smarter new year (after the brain transplant).

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So what's this guy's problem anyway?????