Nt-avi Plugin

Nt-avi Plugin

Post by Road » Wed, 09 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I can't figure it out. I have never been able to get the NTavi  plugin
to work. Yesterday Erne told me to check a dll. I reinstalled it no
help. The error message is Plugins were not found or could not be
loaded (Win95). Additionally NT4 reports the procedure entry point
private 5 could not be found in WinMM.dll. Regardless of the updates
in this plugin, I have gotten these errors for two years over three
workstations. Fortunately I have a par which does the trick most of
the time. but it would be nice! Any help folks....

John Donlevie
Road-Ease, Inc.
Phila. PA

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1. NewTek fix the NT-AVI.P AVI SAVER please

There seems to be a serious error in the NT-AVI.P (NewTeks's
AVI saver)...It doesn;t allow the user to save more than one
AVI animation during a session of Layout!! The user is forced
to quit layout and reload if they wish to generate another
AVI!! That's not even mentioned the fact that one must first
turn off ALL AVI settings before saving a scene..otherwise
the next time the scene is loaded, LW WILL crash.

It's getting to be a REAL trouble..and I would have assumed a
new plugin would have be made available by now..So WHAT'S the
Pretty please with sugar on top..put a fixxed NT-AVI.P on the
FTP site for us.

Adam Chrystie


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