I'm going to go mad

I'm going to go mad

Post by Martin Harri » Thu, 07 Sep 2000 04:16:21

Just reinstalled eveything on my computer and went to install Lightwave. It
doesn't find the dongle in Windows 2000. I remember lots of people having
this problem when [6] first came out but I never had it, and now that I do I
can't figure out how to fix it.

Been to the rainbow site and downloaded the latest drivers - no luck
Downloaded SentinalMedic - it finds the dongle, so refuses to help me any
Read numerous FAQ at newtek.com - counldn't fnd anything about it.

Help me please

Win 2000.
Two parallel ports, dongle in LPT1 with nothing else in either.
Fresh install of eveything.
Lightwave [6] off first run CD (E.g. 6.0)

Thanks in advance


I'm going to go mad

Post by Martin Harri » Thu, 07 Sep 2000 04:42:17

Okay, re ran SentinalMedic my computer crashed horribly and restarted, when
it came back ran Lightwave install.


It installed

Construction out of destruction - the only difference was the crash.

So, its fixed now - sorry for posting (twice), but I was totally stuck. I
still don't know why it worked, but now it does.

Thanks to anyone who was about to reply.....

Be Happy


I'm going to go mad

Post by Nowhere Ma » Thu, 07 Sep 2000 15:27:43

Ahh the inner misteries of Win 2000 !!!

There was an updated set of Drivers for the sentinal on Rainbows site
which seemed to work with Win 2000

Windows 2000 does some intelligent checking after it crashes, I guess
it scans the hardware to look for changes but dont ask me why it
doesn't install some things first time round it does it with other
things This could be why so many manufacturers are having trouble
writing updated drivers.

Like NT it might work by the time they get to service pack 4   ;-b


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