*****color depth problems with AVI HIIP output, weird*****

*****color depth problems with AVI HIIP output, weird*****

Post by zo » Tue, 31 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I'm thinking it has something to do with the "hiip avi-32" in that it's 32-bit
color depth.  But anyway the problem is it looks like it's 8-bit or something?
I can save it as BMP/TGA/etc and it's perfect nice 24bit color.  But not the
AVI-32 for animations.  I spend more time fooling with problems like this than
I do actually making something.  THANKS.  



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What will be the best way to create "goodlooking" graphics in PhotoShop
6/5.5 which is going to be displayed on 8 bit Windows screen devices?
I'm talking about graphics for an interactive course with a duration of
several hours. I could need info on how to create illustrations with colors
that doesn't change much when converted to 8 bit system colors. Is it
possible to show the systempalett in PhotoShop and pick colors from it?
I'm familiar with DeBabelizer and Smacker, but was wondering if there was a
better/easier way of working when the result should be 8bit system colors?

Any tips are appreciated.

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