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It's Bob Hoods baby, and Bob is also responsible for LScript as well. I
would certainly hope (I know) it's being worked on and I hope someone there
is coming to the realisation that it's busted and doesn't work as
advertised. I'd personally prefer it if Bob was off the StealthNet project.
I'm not having a go, but I think it's long stretch for Bob to be doing both
on-going LScript (priority 1)and on-going StealthNet (priority 2).

They are both crucial to LightWave and LScript is developed more than
StealthNet, just by virtue of the of the number of LScript updates available
vs. the number of StealthNet ones available (0).

I say separate it off to a group of programmers that can spend real
productive time on it (not that Bob hasn't) and know all about SysV
networking and are RFC aware and adherent, and give us something that
LightWavers can be amply proud of and something for the others to lust
after - imagine that - WAN/LAN rendering for free, per node, so easy to use
and so reliable that people actually dump their preferred distributive
rendering system and move to LightWave - a dream??? I believe not, if NewTek
can take the time to boost this sad feature and make a super big deal out of
it. Expensive to develop but the kudos for doing it will benefit NewTek far
into the future.

There has to come a time where NewTek admit that right from the start of the
distributive rendering scenario with LightWave, it's been a tagged on part
of the program. It was semi-integrated in 3.X, Integrated in 4.0,
5.0,5.5,, but still not majorly developed or attended to really.

We got the brilliant LightNet for 5.X versions that works like ScreamerNet
should (all graphical, node restarts, frame re-renders and notification via
other than computer means when a scene has finished to name a few features).
It worked with TCP/IP and standard Windows (i.e. Un*x) type networking and
all was fine and dandy. Newtek then go and change the config files and
LightNet becomes useless, leaving us to grapple with an incomplete, overly
complex and partly functioning StealthNet.

It's intentions are good and it's advertised to make it enticing, but it's
broken and it's unacceptable, frankly.


Quote:> does anyone know if stealthNet is still being worked on?
> whether at NewTek or anywhere else?

> any info at all?
> * - *


1. screamernetII and stealthnet problems

hello all, ive been trying to follow a bunch of different instructions on
how to get screamernet or stealthnet to work, and nothing seems to work.
here is my configuration:

lightwave 6.5 is installed on drive E in the folder:

the cfg files are stored in:
C:\Documents and Settings\wjarosz

I have shared the E drive, and mapped it to drive L, on the host, and also
on two slave machines.

I have followed the instructions in the 6.5 addendum and also at, and nothing
seems to work. i can create a queue and i can see the slaves (although it
says that there is an access error under IP address when i look in rain).
when i create a project, and then drag it under the queue with the nodes, it
validates and seems to send all the textures, etc. after that it does
nothing. it just says that i own the nodes, and thats all that i see. it
basically stops. tired of this, i decided to try screamernetII, with even
less success:

i copied the contents of "E:\Lightwave\Programs\LightWave_Support" from the
host to "C:\Lightwave" on each slave. i created the shortcuts for each
computer like it says in the motion manual, but it tells me: "error:
expression startup failed" on both the slave machines. it works fine on the
host though.

please HELP! thanks,

wojciech jarosz

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