LA Lightwave User Group August Meeting!

1. Bay Area Lightwave User Group Meeting on August 12th, 2000

Hello one and all,

Its time once again. For our monthly User Group Meeting. We will
holding it on August 12th 2000 from 3pm to 6pm at the lovely 3D
Exchange in Alameda.

We have a very special guest coming. Alan Hastings, the creator
of Lightwave Layout, will be joining  us for a short period for
a Q&A session. You can find out whats happening in the world of
Lightwave Development and what we can look forward to.

We will also have a copy of messiah 1.55 on-hand to sit and play

And we will also review Dan Ablan's new book, "Inside Lightwave

Plus dont forget to bring your stuff (reels, images, scenes,
objects, etc).

For more info, please call 510/747/1540 extension 10 or email us

For directions, please call us or visit

thanks and see you at the meeting

Your friends at the Bay Area Lightwave User Group


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