Sign Up for Web3D @ SIGGRAPH 2000

Sign Up for Web3D @ SIGGRAPH 2000

Post by Jean Ta » Fri, 09 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Call For Entries:

26 July, New Orleans, Louisiana

Web3D RoundUP is the high-speed, high-tech shootout where top 3D content
developers and tools providers demonstrate latest Web3D technology and
applications in a fast-paced, exciting format.  It is the interactive event
for interactive content.  Web3D RoundUP is now inviting content creators and
Web3D tools/technology producers to submit demos for juried review.

In less than an hour and a half, over two dozen world-class developers from
all over the globe have one to five minutes to demonstrate their latest
Web3D content and applications with the challenging goal of not crashing and
winning over the technically demanding crowd. The audience will choose the
winners of the honored Web3D RoundUP Golden Lasso Awards.

To win a Web3D RoundUP Golden Lasso Award and prizes at Web3D-VRML 2000,
submit entries for the following categories:

  * Art
  * Education/ Training
  * E-commerce
  * Entertainment
  * Technology / Tools
  * (NEW!) Online multiuser game

The judges will choose the top 5 submissions from each category to present
at Web 3D RoundUP.  It pays to be selected for the Web3D RoundUP.

Numerous participants have commented that presenting at the event directly
results in the acquiring new business opportunities.  Besides gaining
additional media exposure, participants also gain recognition in other ways.
For example, some past presenters have been selected to be published in the
upcoming special Web3D RoundUP issue of SIGGRAPH's quarterly journal,
COMPUTER GRAPHICS.  So don't delay, submit your entry today!

Criteria for Submission:
  * Any web-enabled 3D content that can be downloaded or streamed
  * Any technology may be used including: VRML, X3D, Java3D, MPEG-4
  * Submissions for judging preferred on video though RoundUP performances
will be live

Visit the Web3D RoundUP website for complete submission guidelines and

  21 June 2000  Deadline for submissions
  5   July 2000   Selected participants notified
  26 July 2000   Web 3DRoundUP and after party

About Web3D RoundUP
Presenters have one to five minutes at this twice-annual event to win over
the technically demanding audience who are all equipped with noisemakers to
interact with waves of approval or disapproval sounds.  To ensure the demos
don't run overtime, audience members shout out the remaining seconds ticking
down on the large onscreen clock.  The front rows are equipped with Ping
Pong ball launchers on the ready for demos that dare to not pay attention to
the clock.  Since 1996 this event has successfully played to
marketing-sizzle-intolerant packed houses at SIGGRAPH and ACM-sponsored
Web3D/VRML Symposium.

To submit your entry visit .  For more
information contact the event's producer, Timothy Childs

We are delighted to announce that Intel is the primary donor of the Web3D
RoundUP at SIGGRAPH 2000.

Stay informed.  Get on the RoundUP Events mailing list by sending email to

Jean Tam