Hypervoxels {1.0} Refresh, does not Refresh

Hypervoxels {1.0} Refresh, does not Refresh

Post by Cartma » Sun, 25 Oct 1998 04:00:00

In Hypervoxels I have some particles and I did everything write in applying
the HV plug-in to the particles I even render a frame and yet in the HV
render preview it just renders black, what gives I had this once or twice
with steamer but somehow it just worked again but this time with HV it's not



1. Doing refreshes while reading elevation data

I'm developing a very simple elevation heightfield display application
using Open Inventor.  (In particular, I'm using the OSS Coin library.)
Since these scenes can take a while to render, I'd like to refresh the
display every few rows as they're read in to give the user feedback as
to the data loading progress.  Unfortunately the current
implementation only seems to continue loading when the user
manipulates the scene; e.g., by changing the camera position by
rolling viewer-examiner thumbwells.

I'll describe what I did in the hopes that someone can point out means
of fixing the problem or superior approach.

(Coin provides an examiner/viewer hierarchy for the Qt C++ GUI toolkit
identical to the Xt-based hierarchy.  So just map (SoQt.*) names to

I created a sub-class of SoQtExaminerViewer, DemViewer.  I implemented
a DemViewer::redraw() that essentially works like this:

   if all data not loaded yet

      read in several rows adding appropriate OI objects to scenegraph

      if that was the last of the data
         remember this so that we don't try to read more during
         subsequent redraw() invocations

         do any clean-up (i.e., close streams, delete data structures, etc.)
         scheduleRedraw();      // set up next redraw event to read in next
                                // row of postings


Does this seem reasonable?  If so, then why don't the
scheduleRedraw()'s, well, redraw without having the user manipulate
the viewer?

I also considered creating a temporary event handler that read in a
row chunks.  It's emit a refresh event after it was done so that the
user could see the new elevation posts.  After the data was read, it'd
delete itself from the event handler list.  Does this seem like a
viable or preferable alternative to the redraw() implementation?



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