fine curves

fine curves

Post by Ctrl+Alt+De » Mon, 30 Jul 2001 07:16:31

does anyone know if it is possible to set curve divisions higher that
"fine"?  waht i am tring to do is get really high res text but the "fine"
setting isn't quite enough.  thnx.



1. RFD: moderated and

This is a call for discussion on the following newsgroups:


These will be moderated groups for the purpose of distributing images
of fine art.  These include both computer graphics in the fine arts
and images of conventional fine art, e.g. Leonardo's Mona Lisa.

The discussion group would also cover discussion of computer
graphics/fine art issues in addition to material relevant to the
pictures themselves.

It is unclear whether these belong in the alt hierarchy or the regular
hierarchy.  So far, pictures are being transmitted in the alt domain
only.  However, in the case of fine art, there are arguments that such
material is of sufficient merit to belong in a regular newsgroup.  That
is a decision that the net should make in response for this call for

(We have been unable to find documentation to the effect that pictures
are not permitted in non-alt groups.  We can understand the reasons why
many might believe the pictures should be in the alt hierarchy.
However, in the absence of a written policy, we believe that the net
should consider whether this is a hard and fast rule.  If there is such
written policy, and we have not seen it, would someone be so kind as
to bring such to our attention.)

Your moderators would be:
Eugene V. Solot
Associate Professor Art
Western Illinois University

Laurence L. Leff, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Western Illinois University

We will be assisted by a paid individual,
William A. Steele
Electronic Communications Specialist

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