LightWave Training at NewTek Day in L.A.!

LightWave Training at NewTek Day in L.A.!

Post by Jason Fran » Fri, 24 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Thirded .....

>> How about a "NewTek day Sheffield" or even better a "NewTek day Linden
>> so I can go.

>I`ll certainly second the motion for the "Newtek day in Sheffield"    :)



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1. LightWave Training at NewTek Day in L.A.!

On Dec 10th at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, CA, join NewTek for a great
opportunity to learn LightWave techniques from top industry animators:

            12:00 Tareq Mirza, Foundation
            Imaging, Surfacing the Human Form

            1:30 - Emile Edwin Smith, Foundation
            Imaging, Camera Lighting and Special

            3:00 - Paul Davies, Savage Frog,
            Character Animation Set Up

            4:30 - Taron, Station X Studios,
            Creature Modeling
            And More!

Complete details on these free classes:

For complete information on NewTek Day in L.A. and to register:


Chuck Baker -- NewTek, Inc., Director, Customer Support and Services

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