Steamer gone.. Use HV3

Steamer gone.. Use HV3

Post by Mike Moncrie » Mon, 15 May 2000 04:00:00


   Now that Steamer is gone, what is the best technique to create some smoke
coming out of a bottle?? (yes like a Genie)
   Use Particle storm, with Hypervoxels??



Steamer gone.. Use HV3

Post by MCRS » Mon, 15 May 2000 04:00:00

Steamer is still there in the legacy plug-ins folder but I have not tried
installing it.

Tony Robinson.


Steamer gone.. Use HV3

Post by MkII » Mon, 15 May 2000 04:00:00

This is only to allow you to load old scene files that use these plugins.
You can't change any settings, and shouldn't be using them in fresh
projects.   Steame does still live on to some extent in the volumetric light
settings, but you can't use it with particles any longer.

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Quote:> Steamer is still there in the legacy plug-ins folder but I have not tried
> installing it.

> Tony Robinson.


1. HV3 for Steamer FX...

I 've been playing with HV3 a lot lately. Having been a frequent user of
Steamer, a tool I really relied on for many projects, I loaded up an old 5.6
scene, after I removed all Steamer effects from it, and tried to achieve the
same or at least similar results in HV3. So far, the closest thing to even
resemble the behavior of steamer is the sprite mode. But even that,
resembles the early days of steamer, when the effect was heavily additive.
In volume mode, I managed to come somewhat close to the original effect,
after a lot of tweaking. But even then, the render times were unacceptable,
when for the same scene, and a same (and better) effect with Steamer,
rendering was way more than just acceptable in 5.6. Also, why isn't there
"particle interaction" in Volume mode like there is in Surface mode ?
Wouldn't that help a little ?
 - Conclusion : please give us back Steamer. HV3 is amazing for a wide
variety of effects ; just not steamer effects. (I 'm still wondering why
they killed such a perfectly good tool)
And maybe add particle interaction in Volume mode ? Am I alone in this ?

being optimistic, however, I 'm still holding out for the possibility of
this being just my lack of HV3 experience.



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