best 3D Studio Max books (was Re: 3d Studio Max)

best 3D Studio Max books (was Re: 3d Studio Max)

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I strongly recommend the 3D Studio Max beginner's book (the
Visual Quickstart Guide) published by Peachpit Press
( These
books are relatively cheap ($20.00), quite thorough, and pretty
easy to follow.

I don't know if you have version 4 now, though - in which case, you
might have to stick with the manual for now. (I'm new to 3D Studio
Max, myself - about to buy it next week.)

If you have version 3, that's fortunate, because all the available
books are still about 3. After you complete the Peachpit Press
book, you might want to consider getting the 3D Studio Max R3
Bible from IDG Books ( The Bible series
is quite well-known as well. But I'd first check out the reviews on; most of the software Bible books are great, but
some are just middle-of-the-road.

I never bother with the manuals that come with software programs,
myself. I intensively study and work through almost every chapter
of the kinds of books I mentioned above, then have managed to
get some Brainbench certifications in software such as
Macromedia Flash. (Brainbench is the "world's largest provider of
skills certification exams on the Internet" and their exams are quite
hard - they're like software SATs. The site is

So if you're ever interested in professional certification, you might
want to keep in mind that Brainbench has an exam for 3D Studio
Max. (And it will undoubtedly be a difficult one.)

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Quote:> Anyone know of any good tutorials or tips for using 3d Studio
Max? I just
> got it for Christmas and have no idea what I'm doing! Thanks in

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