Ongard New York city!

Ongard New York city!

Post by ifjabb Stanyó Károl » Wed, 18 Jun 2003 09:21:22

Ongard New York city!
You business sucs!
You do are paying for babies!
You do are crushing own buildings!
You do are killing!
You do are paying for * movies!
All those acts which are many even here not listed are illegal!

Ongard New York city!
You do are planning crushing the just built WTC on some years ending with 5
December 16th. That is illegal too!  Wtc if will fall at December 16th 2005,
or 2015, or 2025, or 2035, or '45, . the Serb military police will bust Your
arses. And not just that the architect did were made the plan of its
destruction did happen on September 11th did were tortured lately because
did were messing with the military police and did tried to track me in again
to the army while I were at that time free for one years, or that was what I
did hear from the overall three military police officers visiting my block
in a red jip. Should the central command seek their sources of information,
and shell they turn against their own kind and kill each other since if
military police is supporting terrorists itself is a terrorist and those are
better turned against each other than to act against civilians. Should the
payer for military police be tracked, and let the people realize that the
town of Mali Idjos< does supports terrorists, and itself pays for terrorism.
It were against Clinton it is now against the Bush, and attempts to kill,
pure Prime minister did die since did traded his own life in order not to
have myself tortured by the military police. Should all persons from that
city prevented being officers within the army, and should their each act be
punished. Terrorising own solders, dropping boots to the street is a
criminal act done on own soldiers, in the other hand could he do what he did
done harder and all the time, but I did not shaved myself that morning, and
all what happens inside the barracks is a military secret, but if that is
supported by New York and is a terrorist act than it has to be punished and
turned in.

But what are You afraid to say it will be better not to have WTC at all!
Since if it will be crushed within '25 it did stand just 20 years, if within
'35 than it did were only 30, and if it will fall while the year '45 than it
did succeeded standing 40 years and comparing it with the previous one that
much is double time, but as how buildings do are becoming improved by time
better buildings are built.

My official daddy did once warn me if I will drop once data and trade out
Clinton, Richard Quincy now he is Quest on CNN will try to ask for my
termination, and as how I did just my chances of survival are not bright,
but still it is healthy to be on Clintons side but Bushs, and both they are
American, so I do not have nothing to loose even if I die.