Hardware setup for MAX

Hardware setup for MAX

Post by BUB 2 » Thu, 04 Oct 2001 00:42:30

Taking personal considerations into account, the way I want to go is dual
Athlon and 2000 for running MAX.  I want a reasonably priced board (no
more than $300.00.)  As for the RAM, I gather the DDR stuff is expensive
only if bought in 500 MB sticks and cheap if 250 MB sticks are used,
limiting the capacity to 1GB., which would be okay with me.  What I'd
like is to hear from someone who already has this setup working, es-
pecially with a G-force 3 card in the slot, 'cause that's what I'm leaning

1. Hardware setup for MAX

I know that you probobly get this question alot in this group, but I was
wondering if this would be powerful enough hardware for max:

32 mb ram
100 mb swap file
2 mb vram
win95    (not NT)


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