Tell me were I that fool to post a scenario description of the WTC fall before it did happen on this newsgroup?

Tell me were I that fool to post a scenario description of the WTC fall before it did happen on this newsgroup?

Post by ifjabb Stanyó Károl » Thu, 26 Jun 2003 00:23:06

Tell me were I that fool to post a scenario description of the WTC fall
before it did happen on this newsgroup?

I were on the back seat on in that car got out Adolph Hitler, or should I
wrote Adolf Hitler from Sarajevo when I were only 3 and a half years old. I
You would wish to testify about on court and live please feel free to
contact me.
The guy did had long purely black and only black hair, were really old, and
I did were told to my father let him arrersted by those are up too for it,
bacouse he were too old allready, and in exchange for it I will help out the
plan of the WTC crushage as it were known will be needed to happen.
As You the court within Hague are in some strange way linked to Adolph
Hitlers activity and illegal cash flow, You will be now needed to trust
The guy were sitting on the front right seat of that car my father (well is
he, he is my official) did were driving were the exact same person did led
the WW2 attack and defence forces of Germany, and were Hitler personly.
I were less than 4 years of age, and I hope I will not be convicted nor
accused with it that I did helped realise the WTC crush, and even I hope
that the guy did were invented its plan named Fedor S<ejpes< will be
arrested and kept within the jail of Hague. I did asked him to crush it.
The key word for it sent by internet to one Boston cities e-mail were that,
that we did were sanding e-mails to various possible buyers for old
paintings Fedor did have. When Boston responded that they'll not need none,
nor will buy, we did were have sending samples of the pictures in higher
resolution. I trust the woman were named Martha Richardson if I do remeber
her name since I did were set up Fedors Internet account he were having on
line and were fine, but he were needed to involve me to his network of crime
and did were invited me to configure his Internet account so likely I did
succeeded with and did we have sent some e-mails (I were the one did were
have sent in Fedors name for Sky news without his aprooval), which were not
could have taken as a crime, but as agreed if we do send old painting
selling offer e-mails William Jefferson Clintons forces were needed to crush
it as agreed for it, and those days while I did were sending those I did not
were knowning what I were doing, since were acted on orders for, and I had
not got paid, even I did pay 73 dinars when fedor did gave me only 70 for
his printage of some Paul Rubens bitmaps got from the internet.
So likley:
I were within a car, within a vehicle did were within Hitler himself too,
and while I am free to walk on my own, and it is not legal since am should
were and testify within Hague, only and just about Hitler I were with, since
the memory to his personality did made me transmit his wish to Germany that
year the entire country were closed, no one did were could go take the
opportunity step out from it, and I were free within that year to tell
within the City Center in Oldenburg within HeiligenHeightsrasse I do not
know the one lettered number to the satelite receiver seller guy that order,
that indeed Hitlers wish were to crush WTC.
While knowing that Hitler were all the time in my grandparents service, and
the dictator were trusted by the Vojvodinaean province to get the Sovjet
gold to have they pay finally for the food they did eat, so likely Hitler
did made himself be within the same car I were within and I used it as how
my fathers father did used his backup to let and order the WTC building
crush I did and were working around it since I were only 3 years of age.


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