Help w/ Clothreyes...

Help w/ Clothreyes...

Post by Christopher Win » Fri, 20 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Hey all...

Just got a Clothreyes (yes, I bought it)... and most of it I get, however,
a problem arises that isn't addressed in the manual (what manual there is).

I built a simple curtain animation, with two curtains and a box above them
that's supposed to anchor them.  I link them all with the clothreyes
plugin, at the sub object level, and set the right parameters.  However,
when I run the animation, the first action is downward, and then I get a
bouncing effect throughout the animation.  I DON'T WANT A BOUNCING EFFECT.
I've tried a number of things, and I'm not using any wind.  Someone please

Christopher wing


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I have a model of a woman stolen straight from Poser 3, and a dress object
downloaded from the internet, which was apparently made from a GeoSphere, as
the dress object is called GeoSphere1.  I am trying to make the dress into a
cloth object, but whenever I try it says "GeoSphere1 is Self Intersecting"
"Scene will not be calculated".  How can I see exactly where the self
intersection occurs so I can fix it?  Also, how can I see exactly where the
dress intersects places on the body so I can fix those places as well ?

P.S. - if you fancy yourself a fashion designer and you've made some cool
clothes in MAX or whatever, send 'em along as long as they're not too big so
I can try 'em in some animations with ClothReyes!  I just got it and I want
to try out my new toy :-)

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