Textures not appearing on flat surfaces?

Textures not appearing on flat surfaces?

Post by Stefa » Fri, 29 Jan 1999 04:00:00


I have run into something strange lately in when trying to apply certain
textures to flat surface like a box. I have been playing with the Max MAT
files and using some of the pre-made textures therein. The chrome like
textures show up well on curved surfaces like a sphere but when applied to
flat surfaces they becomes just plain gradients?



Textures not appearing on flat surfaces?

Post by Steve Gree » Fri, 29 Jan 1999 04:00:00


basically what is happening is a minute part of the ref map is being used
for the flat faces - It may help to tile the ref map a few times- you could
also try a subtle noise bump map to help - works quite well for windows,
where the surface is not totally flat.

Alternatively use a raytrace material to a raytrace an object with the
material you want to use and exclude all the other objects to be raytraced.

Hope this helps

Steve Green


1. gluNurbsSurface not rendering nearly flat surfaces

I'm on Windows2000 using the libraries supplied by Microsoft.

I'm having a problem with some surfaces not rendering with
gluNurbsSurface. All of the surfaces showing this problem are nearly
flat and untrimmed. No error is produced; they just don't draw. If I
reduce the number of control points I can get them to draw, so
apparently too much definition is a problem.

I'm also having a problem with some surfaces producing a "knot
multiplicity greater than order of spline" error which I asked about in
a previous post (see "NURBS Error from gluNurbsSurface (knot
multiplicity)" from June 3). I googled through the archives for this
newsgroup and didn't find anyone else mentioning either of these
problems. I find it hard to believe I'm the only one. I'm starting to
get a pursecution complex. Most other surfaces render fine, so I don't
think I'm doing anything grossly wrong. Are these known problems?

If anyone is interested in trying to render with my data I can post data
for one of the No-Render-But-No-Error surfaces. The smallest is 4x12
control points. However, the Knot-Multiplicity-Error surfaces are far
too large to post here, but I might be able to arrange a download
location from our Web site. Let me know.

Thanks much,

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