Will 3dsPRO kill Lightwave?

Will 3dsPRO kill Lightwave?

Post by Jeff Jaspe » Wed, 03 Jan 1996 04:00:00

> > |>Actually 3DS MAX released that they were not going to ship the plugins
> > |>built-in and are selling them seperate.. like the acclaimed Bi-ped
> > |>which we all were hoping would come with but the greedy bastards now
> > |>want more money.. They did it with 3DS and to do it now with this
> > |>product I think is Assinine..  If they were going to do plugin support
> > |>like this they should have grouped like Alias has it.. Oh well.. my

> AutoDesk never claimed to be shipping BiPed with MAX, they didn't even
> develop BiPed. AutoDesk is STILL throwing in a whole group of the Yost
> disks into 3DS including lens flares, glows, highlights, optimize and
> many more, plus all the new features specific to MAX. 3DS has the same
> plug-in support that Lightwave does, if not better. Currently there are
> well over two hundred plug-ins for 3DS, and most companies will have
> their MAX plug-ins ready by the time it ships.

> >    Well if they got away with it with 3DS(they did, still are) why is it
> >    Assinine to think they can't with Max. With all the raving on how good it
> >    is, my guess is they will have no problem. Lightwave is easy , powerfull
> >     and still very young in the 3D market. Gee I don't see 3DsPro, 3DsSpeed,
> >    our any other equivalents to LWPro, LightSpeed out there. I do see tons
> >    of books but figure they are needed to support the large pirate market.
> >    With Plugin capability(of course 3.5 Amiga still waiting) in 4.0, growing
> >     3rd party support and still cost effective I think LW will manage to stay
> >    alive. But then again theres always a herd of sheep willing to run over
> >    the cliff :-)

> AutoDesk isn't getting away with anything, they have always been very
> vocal about letting 3rd party groups worry about plug-ins. It is getting
> a lot of rave reviews cause in in Beta it looks like an incredible
> program. Lightwave is far from being young in the animation market, hell
> when did Toaster first come out, wasn't it before 3DS? There is a huge
> wealth of 3DS stuff on tape and has been for a while now. Don't tapes
> serve the same purpose as books when it comes to pirates learning how to
> use their cracked versions? Now that Lightwave is on the PC you will,
> and probably already have seen an increase in the number of posts
> looking for Lightwave cracks. I see NewTek thriveing with Lightwave well
> into the immediate future, but I hardly think users of other programs
> are sheep. I have never had the urge to graze while using Alias.

> Jeff

just thought you 3DS people may find this interesting too, I have been
in this conversation with Wavers for a while on the subject.



Will 3dsPRO kill Lightwave?

Post by leimber.. » Sat, 06 Jan 1996 04:00:00

 This was my post that Jeff dragged over from the Lightwave group.

|>With Plugin capability(of course 3.5 Amiga still waiting) in 4.0, growing
|> 3rd party support and still cost effective I think LW will
|>manage to stay
|>>  alive. But then again theres always a herd of sheep willing to
|>run over the cliff :-)
 Notice the puntuation at the end of the above sentence ? This was a bit
 of levity on my part. Remember we were posting to the LW group, and the
 original thred was pretty useless at best. When I tire of these things
 I tend to jump in. Am I sorry ? of course not! I do fear Jeff is right
 about cracks for LW(already seen some mentioned). Now I DO look at the
 books on the shelf and many are at levels that I can see benefiting
 the experienced user, much as the tapes I get from Lightspeed. However
  I also see those that tell you how to start the program !  To my knowledge
  the mag I see as being the best for 3dS users is 3D Artist. It offers
  excellent tutorials on a variety of 3D programs but is not exclusivly
  3DS. Also remember that I was responding to a person that was complaining
   about Autodesk getting away with something. Well they have been sucessful
  with 3rd party support, an I imagine LW will also get more. Is NewTek
  getting away with something ? As for rave reviews, well those were my
   words. If Autodesk was sucessfull with 3DS and the reviews for MAx are
  as I say, then why should anybody expect anything else.  
|>just thought you 3DS people may find this interesting too, I have been
|>|>in this conversation with Wavers for a while on the subject.
  And it was getting stale . As a LW user I do have an interest in 3D
 and before LW I used Imagine(have 4.0 upgrade) and only had a casual
 interest in 3DS as I have always been an Amiga user. In all honesty
 when I do get a Pentium(can't afford that much less an Alpha) I most
 likely would spend my money on a PVR as opposed to another 3D program.
  in the past I made efforts to use Essence to generate textures for
 a 3DS user on this list, so I am more than just a lurker. Problem is
 that for awhile the my dog is bigger than your dog gest to you if you
 read more than one list. I am always amazed that someone will ask which
 3D program is best. Human nature I will tell you it's the one I use because
 this is the one I know more about. As we can see Jeff is an Alias user.
 Here is a program that interest me as a 3D user but is not priced to even
 entice me to look into. This is not a shot at Alias, I read Cinefex and
 have seen it's capabilities but it's like the house on the hill. Nice to
 admire but not for me today.

 BTW From what I could tell when reading about the ipas routines from hte YOSt
  GROUP, I was under the impression they are affillated with Autodesk.


1. Will 3dsPRO kill Lightwave? NEWTEKS KILL

CS> S> In both 3DS's and LW's cases, it would be possible to retain the
CS> S> net renderer as a 32-bit DOS app, while leaving the GUI as a Windows
CS> S> app.  This leverages the speed of DOS and the cost of memory on net
CS> S> rendering machines that is devoted to WinNT instead of rendering.

CS>      That would be a wonderful thing. I don't have enough ram in one
CS> of my machines (by a hair) and it sits idle when rendering complex
CS> scenes. ANYTHING to reduce the rather massive NT ram hit would
CS> be a saleable product in my books...

CS> Christopher

CS>      All these people calling each other morons. Well, you're all right.
CS> If
CS> you're stupid enough to crosspost infantile arguments to several
CS> inappropriate
CS> groups, you're certainly a moron, you and your friends. Learn to use your
CS> communications software (and get the hell out of
CS> comp.graphics.animation!).

CS> Best wishes on a smarter new year (after the brain transplant).

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So what's this guy's problem anyway?????

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3. Will 3dsPRO kill Lightwave?

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