need help, 3d max book"tutorials from the masters", animated vehicle

need help, 3d max book"tutorials from the masters", animated vehicle

Post by Bria » Sun, 03 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I have been using the book to create my own vehicle and terrain. I am
ready to animate motion and am stuck. The vehicle in the book has a
dummy object which links the vehicle body and suspension part dummies
to it. These objects will follow the master object through any axis
movement or rotation.. The book does not describe how to create the
dummy object that controls the other objects. I can link the body to a
dummy, but the body does not rotate with the dummy as it follows a
path. The body follows the path but does not turn as the path turns. I
need to know how to link multiple objects to a single dummy, and I
need all the objects to maintain a constant relative distance from the
master object as that object moves and rotates. Thanx!!!!

1. "tutorials from the masters" book, need help with animated vehicle

I have been creating my own vehicle using the techniques described in
the book. I cant figure out how to get the dummy object for the
vehicle body to control movement of the actual vehicle body and the
other dummy suspension objects arrayed around it. I can get the
vehicle body to follow a dummy, but not to rotate with it, and i dont
know how to get the other dummy objects to follow.The book does not
detail how linking these objects is achieved.  What I want is one
dummy object that when moved or rotated on any axis will move and
rotate the vehicle body and the dummy objects used for attaching
suspension parts accordingly.

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