Object library

Object library

Post by Bahram Bahram » Thu, 19 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I am looking for a 3DStudio object library. I need a lot of meshes for
designing tyres. If you know about any products which gives you lots of
objects, please let me know. Thanks in advence.


1. Standardized Object Archive! (was OBJECT LIBRARIES)

There have recently been several posts calling for a certain standardization
of included objects. I agree that this is a superb idea and would help many
less-talented raytracers (like myself) get off to a running start.

I also have too much free time. That's why I want to create a Standardized
Object Archive on the WWW. With a little help from the good people at CGRR,
I could collect/convert/post a whole mess of included objects that all act
the same.

In order to standardize, you first need a standard. That is why I propose
the following POV Included Objects Standard (POV-IOS for short):

1. Units: From what I see of the contests, most scenes tend to deal with
a rather small scale. Therefore, let's arbitrarily call the cenimeter the
standard of measure (i.e. 1 unit = 1 cm).

2. Placement: To make translation and rotation easier, let's say all objects
should be placed at the origin, oriented vertically along the y-axis (i.e.
the top points to positive y) and facing the negative z direction. Also,
objects with a flat base like toasters or busts of Bach should have their
lower edge at the y,0 plane.

3. Textures: All textures should be included in the object declaration. No
need to hunt for the right texture file, just plug it in and go.

4. Pictures: I have constant access to a P5-100 running Linux, so I would
have no problem tracing sample .gif's or even small .mpeg's.

5. Format: A standard header would make files MUCH easier to sort. Therefore,
let's require all POV-IOS files start with a header such as:
Or something like that.

PUH-LEASE give me your input on this. If we work together, we can come up
with a solid standard and bring about universal harmony or something. Post
your suggestions to this thread or e-mail them to me at:

Happy tracing!

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