simple examples please !

simple examples please !

Post by Mark Rienstr » Wed, 09 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Hi there, I'm a newbie in 3D art, I'm (trying to) work with 3Dstudio MAX 2.5
and i know the very very veyr basic things, but i'd like to know if somebody
can send
me some very basic examples to look at, I'd really like to know how to bond
two Spheres
together, so that you get kind of a blob effect, please send your examples
to me.....

Thanx allready !

Greetz TRoZZ


1. simple GLUT example please?


I'm learning GLUT, and am having problems getting my head around
transformations, model co-ordinates and so on.

Does anyone know of a simple example that illustrates being able to
drive a car around a flat surface? in particular, I would like to know
how to orient an object in a particular direction and then move
backwards and forwards in that direction, as in a car simulation.

If someone could provide a URL or code snippet I'd be etetrnally


Lucas Young

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