RFD: comp.graphics.apps.raydream

RFD: comp.graphics.apps.raydream

Post by terr.. » Sat, 04 May 1996 04:00:00

                     REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION (RFD)
            unmoderated group comp.graphics.apps.raydream

Newsgroup line:
comp.graphics.apps.raydream     Discussions about RayDream Designer & Studio.

This is a formal Request For Discussion (RFD) for the creation of a
world-wide unmoderated Usenet newsgroup comp.graphics.apps.raydream.
This is not a Call for Votes (CFV); you cannot vote at this time.
Procedural details are below.

RATIONALE: comp.graphics.apps.raydream

RayDream Designer & Studio (RDD/RDS) have gained new world-wide
popularity for it's unique 3D Modeller tool, 3D painting, and it's
rendering capabilities.  A dedicated newsgroup will provide an
excellent outlet for fellow users and developers to discuss all areas

Currently RDD/RDS users have a mailing list

average number of messages posted to the list each day is
approxiamtely 20. The mailing list has received 1500 messages since
January 1996. From January 1996 - April 1996 the mailing list has
generated more traffic than in the previous year.  This number may
seem low but the manner in which the mail list is different from the
majority of mailing lists. List members do not reply to a message to
the list, they reply to the original list member. The original list
member summarizes the replies to the list within 48 hours or
less. Therefore, the message count may seem low but the content is
relevant to the stated purpose of the mailing list.

The mailing list subscribers were asked to "vote" concerning the
creation of the newsgroup comp.graphics.apps.raydream. I have received
56 votes in favour of submitting a RFD for the newsgroup creation, and
0 (zero) against submitting a RFD for the newsgroup creation. It is
important to note that the present list manager/owner did vote for
submitting the RFD for the newsgroup creation.

CHARTER: comp.graphics.apps.raydream

This newsgroup is designed to allow discussion of all facts, features,
and capabilities concerning RayDream Designer & Studio. The posting of
hints, tips, tricks, problems and workarounds will be highly
encouraged as well.  This group will be unmoderated, allowing anyone
with the proper access to create or participate in message



This is a request for discussion, not a call for votes.  In this phase
of the process, any potential problems with the proposed newsgroups
should be raised and resolved.  The discussion period will continue
for a minimum of 21 days (starting from when the first RFD for this
proposal is posted to news.announce.newgroups), after which a Call For
Votes (CFV) may be posted by a neutral vote taker if the discussion
warrants it.  Please do not attempt to vote until this happens.

All discussion of this proposal should be posted to news.groups.

This RFD attempts to comply fully with the Usenet newsgroup creation
guidelines outlined in "How to Create a New Usenet Newsgroup" and "How
to Format and Submit a New Group Proposal".  Please refer to these
documents (available in news.announce.newgroups) if you have any
questions about the process.


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The RFD and CFV will also be posted on the raydream mailing list: