cebas thinking particles vs. digimation particle studio

cebas thinking particles vs. digimation particle studio

Post by Pete The Swee » Wed, 16 Jan 2002 07:49:15

Quote:> Can anybody rate these two against each other? In terms of ease of use,
> features etc? Cheers


1. Adv. Particle Question-particles emiting particles

Hello all,
Is it possible in Max2.5 for particles to emit other particles.
Specifically, lets say you use PBomb to explode a mesh (instead of Bomb
so you can use deflection, etc.), can the mesh faces, which are
technically "particles" emit another particle system such as smoke.  I
recall reading something about spawning but I am not sure if this would
be the way to do it.  I am specifically thinking about how in Alias, you
can explode a mesh and have the faces emit smoke but still be affected
by environmental variables such as wind, deflection, etc. because
essentially a "particle" is linked to each surface that allows it to
deflect etc., but the mesh face itself, which is not technically a
particle, emits the smoke system.  Maybe it is just terminology but do
you see the difference?  How do you do this in Max?

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