v-ray - help

v-ray - help

Post by radulus » Tue, 17 Jun 2003 08:11:38

has anybody precise instruction for use of the renderer v-ray
or where can i find it.

thanks for help

greetings for all


v-ray - help

Post by Michael Schol » Wed, 18 Jun 2003 03:53:41

Check out VRay's help file or the public support forum



1. POV-Ray help site

I'm considering the possibility of creating a POV-Ray help site and I want
to get some feedback.  Basically, what I have in mind is a website with the

1. All the text from the newsgroups.
2. All the tutorial text that's floating around on the net.
3. All the example code floating around on the net.
4. A search function that accesses all of the above.
5. Any good ideas that other people have.

I've already talked to an ISP about hosting it, and I'd be willing to do
the work myself if enough people are interested.  Please let me know what
you think of the idea.  I'm certainly not going to waste my time if no one
is interested, so BE HONEST!  If you do like the idea, let me know what
you'd like to see on such a site.

Please don't hesitate to give me your opinions and suggestions, either here

Thanks for your feedback.


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