3dTronic texture resources: 600 free textures online

3dTronic texture resources: 600 free textures online

Post by brutuselectroni » Fri, 17 May 2002 00:38:31

Hi all at the list...

some of you might already know of the texture lib. I maintain, but in case
you don't...

At 3dTronic there's a section that holds over 600 texture images,
photographs of textures i take just for fun and use in my own 3d dabbles :)
They are free for all to use in your projects, commercial or private
projects. They are NOT ment to be sold, seperately or in collections in any
way, nor are they (the images) to be distributed in any other way (in other
words use em don't abuse em)
you can find the lib. at http://textures.brutuselectronic.com , just follow
the textures links there....

Have fun with them...!

Regards, Ingmar Spit


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1. 10th edition of 3dTronic free textures is out: 60 new photgraphs added

Hi all!

The 10th edition of free quality textures is out :)

I've published another "Italian Texture set". I have loaded up 60 new images
at 1280x960 resolution, unedited. Most of them should be excellent starters
for creating your own custom made materials/shaders. The finest worn and
torn walls and doors Italy has to offer are on display and for u to use

These texture photographs are free for u to use in any project, (but they
are NOT ment to be sold or redistributed in any way). Use 'em, don't abuse
'em :)

Point your browser at: http://3d.brutuselectronic.com and hit the "textures"
button if you're interested... or type http://textures.brutuselectronic.com
that'll work as well and take you directly to the Textures Sector :)

Regards and happy shading, Ingmar Spit

PS: this message will go into some other related newsgroups too :)

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