TT Fonts with 3ds4

TT Fonts with 3ds4

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Can I import True Type fonts in 3DStudio 4 ?

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1. HELP: TT font cant find printer font

Im relatively stupid when it comes to fonts, so would like some help on
a TT font problem.

I have a TT font "Britannic Bold" which I want to print out, but when I
try and render it (from an EPS doc) it cant find the printer font even
though the font suitcase it is on my Mac.

When I inspect the font using Suitcase it indicates that there is no
printer font (Printer font: -) but I thought that the TT font would be
sufficient. Checking with ResEdit, the font has both a FOND and a sfnt
resource but nothing else.

All the other fonts in the EPS file work fine and on checking each font
suitcase each has a printer font name as well, although none of them
have a seperate printer font file or anything and only the TT fonts are
available on my Mac. These other fonts are Bodini MT Ultra Bold, Impact,
and Helvetica.

If anyone could shed some light on this and in particular tell me how to
overcome the problem with Britannic Bold as I really would like to use
this font, I would appreciate it.

WA state resident. Will take legal action against originators
of all unsolicited email under state legislation.

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