Post by Christian Guirre » Tue, 10 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I made a nice model of a spaceship using about 7 shperes and one
surface with claystudio 1.5 for MaxR2 - why does the "skin" (global
claysurface) move around when I animate it?  I got done with half the
animation and noticed the mesh moving around on its own; it completely
messed up the whole thing, and I ended up rendering the primitives only.  
Any help appreciated - I dig meatballing!

Thanks,Christian Guirreri


1. prob. with 3DS and claystudio

hello, I have little problem with 3d studio and Digimation plugin:
Everything worked fine in NT but when I upgraded to W2k and re-installed 3d
studio, when it should ask authorization code I only get this:

-Plug-in Protection In Progress
-License request results:
-AMD350(local): access denied

I can continue by pressing 'authorize..'

and if I request authorization I get only:

-Plug/in Authorization
-Protection server : AMD350 (local)
-License request denied.
-access denied

There was somekind of solution in Digimation FAQ, (run digip_register.bat)
but it didnt help.
I have admin rights..

Windows is 5.00.2195
and 3D Studio is version 3.1
and my computer is not network..


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