help: architectural glass

help: architectural glass

Post by mroiz » Mon, 03 Feb 2003 02:35:32


 i've encountered the following "problem" when creating architectural glass
 (windows): i can't manage to make some realistic glass. i already went
 trough a 100 tut's for glass, but the thing is, most of these focus on
 materials that are rounded, resulting in stunning glassbreaking effects.
 applying some of these techniques isn't satisfying for glass panels. when
 increasing the reflection the transparancy becomes more dull en less
 some help here plz,




1. Architectural exterior glass

Coming at this from the newbie front. Given an exterior shell from AutoCAD.
I've put together a pretty good model that makes me happy. I've created
glass for all the windows. Boss man is looking for a mostly clearish
greenish window (among others). "That's too white. Looks like the blinds are
down." (That's what I just told you). "Could we make it clear?" "Yes, then
it would show the wall of solid concrete four inches behind it."

Bulding and lighting the interior is not the correct solution. We aren't
animating so I don't even need empty boxes behind the window with some
photos on them to LOOK like offices. I'm currently (this very minute)
rendering up a darker but still lighter blah blah blah that I'm hoping will
make a good fake.

How has anybody else solved this? Something I'm not picking up? Go stare at
lots of buildings until I learn to see them right? Hm... could I assign a
refraction map and just scan some office scene from a magazine...?

Render's done, doesn't look too bad. Think with some actual seeing, I might
be able to make something OK using just a standard material.

Thanks for tips.

 - gruhn

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