Part 1.......The picture!!! - car.jpg (1/1)

Part 1.......The picture!!! - car.jpg (1/1)

Post by Mook Matt » Mon, 29 Apr 1996 04:00:00

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1. Part 1.......The picture!!! - car.jpg (0/1)

Hello all:
     As a hobby, I sometimes play around with 3ds, making simple
pictures and animations. Hard for time, I have had the package for
almost a year now and am still trying to master all the geomtry and
materials involved. I have attached a picture of a car that I threw
togethar to demonstrate my question (don't maind the colour....I kept
it simple because I didn't want to deal with the rendering time).
Thus, without further hesitation...My question:

        How Can I get the reflective surface (2D mirror) to be less
foggy. I'm talking real mirror class material. I have tried everything
in the materials editoe I can think of....and this was the best I
could come up with!!! (surely I am doing something wrong). If anyone
out there could take the time to d/l the picture, look at it, and
respond to my question (hell, if you can answer my question without
the picture, don't waste your time), I would be EXTREMELY gratefull.

Thank you for your time......M.Mattes

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