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Anyone know what program I may use to catalog all my 3ds seems
that there are too much to do manually one by one, on the render tip, and
I'd rather find a viewer or catalog maker that will enable me to see what
the object is...even if its only long as i can tell what it is so
that i can place them in their proper directories...
anyhelp would appreciated?

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Hi All

I am a professional print production artist and photoshop artist
specializing in high end photo retouching. I have worked in both large
and medium ad agencies for the past 5 years. and have also worked on
Scitex and Macs at color houses for a number of years.

That's really all background for my question. I recently hung out my
freelance shingle and have been visiting a number of ad agencies trying
to sell my services and talents. I keep getting the feeling that I don't
fit their business model. I have worked in agencies that have:

    Creative director
    Art Director
    Production Artist
    Color House relationship

In this environment there is a division of labor that puts a large
burden of "High End" work in the color houses lap. As a business plan I
feel like I am selling myself in for overflow work and not as a
replacement to in-house solutions, but I also replace some of that "High
End" work therefore saving my client money and adding artistic
sensability to the work. It seems to me that most of the small agencies
I visit have:

    Creative Director / Art director
    Color House relationship
    Creative Director
    Art Director / Designer
    Color House relationship

I guess I became insulated to the structure of agencies and how they use
color houses?
 I would love to hear any feedback on either their companies structure
or how they use freelance help.  If it helps, I have a web site that
shows exactly what I do. at


Thanks in advance
Dave B.

P.S. I would mind any feedback you could give on the web site either.

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