Character Studio Freeform Problem

Character Studio Freeform Problem

Post by Chris Sweene » Thu, 12 Jun 2003 03:23:59

Hi. I'm having a Character Studio problem that is driving me insane. I was
hoping someone here might have encountered the same thing and could tell me
what I'm doing wrong. I'm using 3dsmax 5 and CS 3, and trying to do an
animation with footstep and freeform animation. So, I've got an airborn
period between two of my footsteps, I go into the trackview and make this
into a FF period. Then I try to set a planted key on one of my character's
feet, in the FF period, and physics go back on and send my character 200
feet in the air. I go back to the track view, and the free form period has
been deactivated (hollow yellow rectangle). I reactivate the FF period, the
character comes back down, but his foot is hyperextended into the air. If I
try to modify my planted key to fix this, physics go back on, and I'm back
where I started (character in the air). Basically, whenever, during FF, I
put the foot in object space and give it an IK greater than 0, the FF period
is deactivated and physics go back on. I played with if for a while, and
this happend over and over. Sometime, when I'd set two consecutive planted
keys, it would somehow be converted into a footstep, and I'd lose the FF
period entirely. I'm not experienced in CS, but I know there must be some
way to simply set planted keys in a FF period. I'd appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance.

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If you want to do it yourself, I reccomend learning Max bones or doing it
FK with standard linked objects.  CS is very good at doing animations
it's own way, but it is probably more trouble than it's worth to try to
force it into something it's not designed to do; especially when it's
much easier with a standard heirarchy.

my 2 cents,

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