FS: Procedural Textures for VIZ and MAX

FS: Procedural Textures for VIZ and MAX

Post by Charles_ » Fri, 28 May 1999 04:00:00


Until May 28, 1999 you can get "The Essential Textures" (about 50
high-quality procedural textures) for all versions of 3D Studio MAX and
3D Studio VIZ through Digimation (www.digimation.com) for $150 US. After
the 28th they'll revert to the regular price of $195 US.

Please visit the Digimation web site and see if "The Essential Textures"
are a useful addition to your toolkit.

Thanks for your time,
Worley Laboratories (www.worley.com)

P.S.  Yes, this is a port of Worley's
   Essence I and II textures for Imagine
   to 3D Studio MAX/VIZ.

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1. Q: procedural textures in R4 &/0r MAX

Hi there.

I have a couple of questions regarding procedural textures, aka 3D textures.

While I was in college I was hopelessly spoiled by Softimage, and now I would like to achieve
some of the same results with animated procedural textures. To do so, I need keyframe control
over all parameters: translate, rotate, scale, iteration, color, etc.

Question #1: Is there a 3DS4 plugin which has these features? I've been using the lovely
smoke.axp, but I can't control it as I'd like.

Question #2: Does 3DMAX have these features built in, as Softimage and Alias do? This could
almost justify an upgrade.

Aaron Ross

P.S. Check out http://www.best.com/~dryo/ for examples.

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